Our Customers

We, at Invesics Cyber Forensics have diversified portfolio and customer base in various domains. We serve Security services to almost all business domains with understanding of Customer need and Risk at center.

Our Service Domain

Bespoke clients accross different industry

Educational ERPs, Learning platforms, Apps and other Educational products are soft target of Hackers as huge amount of data of Educational organizations + other contents are stored on server of such products.
E-commerce platforms are lucrative to hackers as they mainly deal with Money and transactions. Invesics provides solution for data safety, payment safety and personal information security.
Hotel Management
Hotel Management industry has to deal with live booking of customer's data, their ID proofs and so many more sensitive data to deal with - and hence providing good chance to evil hackers to grab all data and misuse it.
Banking is a very critical industry - which deal with Payments. We provide Network security, Code level security, Firewall configuration Audits, protection against Phishing attacks and many more Cyber Security solutions for Security and disaster recovery.
Such technology Opensource platforms are providing comfert options to developers to develop product but at the same time they do code base Security mistakes that allows attacker to penetrate into the system and use the data or platform. We provide technology based security solutions to avoid such vulnerabilities and cyber attack.
I.T And Services
I.T companies are the door for any digital product. We are continuoulsy in connection with these companies, providing security to such softwares and prevent harm due to Cyber Attacks. Network security is the key point within any organization and hackers are always trying to break the defense you have put.
Event Management
Event management solutions have huge amount of sensitive data on their platform containing personal information, vendor informations, booking procedures, payment options any more. We are providing end-to-end security solution for such platforms to maintain integrity of data and customer trust.
Health Care
Health Care is very critical domain which deals with patient's data, their medical data and personal informations - which if hacked, in some cases can leads to treatement of individual or human loss in advanced systems. We provide end-to-end solutions for such Medical platforms to stay secure from hackers and provide accurate results to patients. We also provide Network auditing services and HIPPA Certifications to enable you with compliences.
Digital Products
In era of Digitalness, each small to medium business come on internet. That increases the threat of Cyber Attacks. Web Security and database security is mainly improtant because those are soft target for hackers to gain access of data. We provide Security solutions to Startups, S.M.Es and other businesses having digital platform to stay safe against them.
Cyber Attacks are proving to be a big threat to Global financial institutions in current era as they are not properly understood. Big firms are prime targets comapre to small ones becuase they owns huge amount of transaction data within. So our priority is to protect you and make sure you will not suffer from financial harm. We also provide Network auditing services and PCI-DSS Certifications to enable you with compliences.
Those products who are built by innovation with the base of technology must ensure that technology platform they have used must not misbehave in either unpredictable way that may be useful to commit Cyber Crime. Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Hardware programming, chip level programming etc are replacing Human with machines and softwares. We provide Source Core Reivew services + Secure development Services to ensure these goals will match with security.
Internet of Things - has changed the ways humans are working. Hardwares are interacting with softwares create more possibilities of Cyber Crime as "Data in transit" are on Eye of hacker. Misconfiguration of Network, Unauthorised access and Data privacy are the key domains in IoT where hackers seeing their profit. We provide end-to-end Cyber Security Solution for IoT devices/products along with keeping network security in the center.

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